Gerry - Coffee Specialist

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Gerry - Coffee Specialist

Name: Gerry Rouslet
Location: Mansfield
Position: Coffee Specialist
Time with Cosi: 2 years

Our new coffee is driven by the talented coffee specialists in each of our restaurants. Gerry, from Mansfield, is just one example. Read about his history with Cosi and his passion for coffee here:

How long have you been a Cosi partner?
I have been a Cosi partner for 2 years.

How long have you been a Cosi coffee specialist?
I have been a coffee specialist since May 2015, day one of the coffee specialist roll out.

Why did you want to become a Cosi coffee specialist?
I wanted to become the coffee specialist for two reasons. One, this is just another way that I can help guests out with whatever it is that they need. Now that I’m certified, I have a lot more knowledge over the subject and can help even more. Two, I just love coffee, specifically espresso if you couldn't tell from my favorite drinks. Coffee has such an immersive subculture that is really cool and interesting. I recently have been trying to get into coffee-art, or latte-art, which is when you would make intricate (or simple) designs with the textured milk in the espresso.

What is your favorite Cosi coffee drink?
My favorite Cosi drink is one of two, my regular go-to is 4 espresso shots over ice with 2 pumps of vanilla, a squirt of honey, and cinnamon. No milk. Sometimes if I’m looking for something a little sweeter I’ll do 4 espresso shots with white chocolate and raspberry over ice.