Nathalia Arguello- ovenline

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Nathalia Arguello- ovenline

Name: Nathalia Arguello    
Store: Crystal City #175
Position: Ovenline
Time with Cosi: 8 years

1.    What is the best part of your day at Cosi?
    I enjoy everything about coming to work at Crystal City Cosi.

2.    What are three words to describe Cosi?
    Efficiency, Responsibility, and Respect.

3.    Where would you go on your dream vacation?
    I would love the opportunity to travel all around the world with my amazing son, Micheal. 

4.    What is your proudest moment at Cosi?
    My proudest moments are always when I receive Kudo's for my work. It makes me happy to see my work is being noticed, and becoming a trainer was another proud moment.

5.    Do you have any hidden talents?
    It’s not really a talent, but I didn't know how much I enjoyed Salads until I started working at Cosi. Now I am a Salad Lover!