Eat good, do good

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Eat good, do good

Part of our effort to source the best quality ingredients also means choosing the right partners who are committed to doing the right thing.  Our Xando® coffee, along with our Xando® decaf and our seasonal single-origin coffee, are all roasted in the Pacific Northwest. Our roaster is the first LEED certified roaster in the region and the beans are sustainably roasted in small batches.

We’re not done yet. Our passion to support our communities goes well beyond our coffee - it extends to our people. We are inspired to give back with our time and talents. Not only do we support our local food banks but we also partner with non-profits and schools to host community benefit nights in our restaurants. We are proud that these organizations want to partner with us. And, we are proud that we can help them to fundraise and to drive the impact of their work.

When we are a part of a community, we will make it better. This commitment is core to who we are and what we do. As we grow, this commitment won’t change. #cosibetterworld