Hosting a Cosi Benefit Night

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cosi® would love to host a benefit night for your group! we will donate 25% of the profits made during the time of your event back to your group

4 easy steps:

  1. choose a location and email with your choice. a member of our marketing team will follow up with you and put you in contact with the restaurant manager. you will be provided with three forms we need to process your donation request
  2. choose a date. after you are contacted by the marketing team, you will be put in contact with the restaurant manager who will help you schedule a date
  3. promote your event. you will be provided with flyers to advertise your benefit night. these flyers must be presented to the partner at the register for orders to be included in the donation. only the orders of guests who bring in the flyer will be included in the donation. we kindly ask that you do not promote your event inside our restaurant and that you do not hand out flyers in the immediate vicinity of our restaurants.  
  4. sit back and relax. we will process your donation request after your event and donate 25% of the profit (only including the orders of guests who brought in a flyer) to your group