Welcome to our new menu!

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Welcome to our new menu!

The news is true, we have a new menu. This menu has been in the works for a long time. You may have actually visited one of our test restaurants and seen the menu for yourself. What we set out to do is to create a menu look that is way easier for you to read and use and lets us serve you faster too. We may have said goodbye to a few menu items, but we're featuring our fan favorites (Tomato Basil Soup and Signature Salad, you have our heart forever) and some new items too (avocado on your breakfast sandwich!). One of our favorite parts is the new standard price for our Taste Two (no more mental math!). 

Why did we do this? We'll be honest and say unfortunately we didn't always get the menu right. Maybe you were confused, or frustrated, or disappointed, and you let us know through conversations and with your emails, tweets, and more. We heard you and we quite literally went back to the drawing board. So, thank you for letting us know. And thank you for sticking with us as we tried out our test menu in thirteen restaurants across the country over the past four months. Thanks to you, we got to a great place with the menu. 

Last week, we rolled out the new menu in thirty-nine suburban restaurants. We can't wait to welcome you, to show you the menu, and, most importantly, to hear what you think. We look forward to introducing the menu in more restaurants and to seeing you soon. 

- The Cosi team

P.S. We're always just an email away at ttu@getcosi.com