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I have a great real estate site that is perfect for a Così® restaurant. Who should I contact?

Please click talk to us and submit additional information under "Investing & Franchising" including the exact address, name of the center or development, name of the developer and key contact information.

I am interested in becoming a Così® franchisee. What is the next step?

Please visit our franchising page for information on what it takes to be a Così® franchisee. If you fit the qualifications, please fill out the form and you will be contacted by a member of our franchising team.

Is Così® hiring? Where can I find job postings? Can I apply online?

Così® is always looking for passionate, friendly and food-loving people to join our team. If you would like more information, click on careers where you can share more information about yourself and apply for open positions.

I earned rewards on my Così Card®, but I cannot redeem them now that the Così® near me is closed. What should I do?

Your Così® rewards are still valid at our remaining Così® locations throughout the country according to the terms of the Così® Loyalty program. When you travel, all you have to do is enter the phone # associated with your Così® Rewards Account at the in-store tablet, or when you place an order our Così® App or online account!

I forgot to bring my Così® Card on my last visit. How can I get points?

Simply enter the phone number associated with your loyalty account to accrue points or redeem rewards upon your next in-store purchase.

I have a few Così® Cards with different points /rewards /values. Can I combine them onto a single card?

Absolutely. Please click on talk to us, choose "Così® Card," and send us a message.

I lost my Così Card®. Can I get a replacement?

Kinda yes, kinda no. We have discontinued the use of physical Così Cards so we are unable to get you a replacement. Good news is we have migrated your loyalty account with all your rewards points on to our new loyalty program. All you have to do is enter the phone number associated with your loyalty account to accrue points or redeem rewards upon your next in-store purchase.

What if the program can’t find my Così Rewards account in store or online?

Our system only recognizes one phone number attached to an account. Please try your home phone or previous phone number. If your account is still winning at hide & seek, please e-mail us at and we will seek out a solution.

S.O.S. I forgot to enter my phone number at checkout?

Don’t panic. If you ordered in-store or online and are a Così Rewards member, e-mail us at and we will see about getting you points for your past order – just make sure you’ve got your receipt handy.

Okay, so how does Così Rewards work?

Once you’re enrolled, eating Così earns you points (you’ll get them automatically if you order through your app or online account, or you can enter your phone # on the tablet when making an in-store purchase). You’ll earn 1 Point for any qualifying beverage purchased and 2 Points for every qualifying entrée purchase, and once you’ve got 10 points, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE beverage. Even better, once you’ve got 25 points, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE entrée. It doesn’t stop there, special promotions help you earn points and get rewarded even faster. Oh, and let’s just say – we won’t forget you on your birthday.

I’m into it. How do I sign up for the program?

We recommend downloading the Così App for the best rewards experience but you can also join online by creating an account here or in-store on your next visit.

Why am I receiving an error message when I try to join Così® Rewards/Online Ordering ?

Your phone # may have been used to sign up for Così Rewards/Online Ordering before. If you’ve forgotten your password, make sure to retrieve that from the digital abyss.

When do I start getting Così® Rewards?

You’ll start earning those points as soon as you make your first purchase as a member. Cha-ching.

How can I see my Così Card® account balance?

Sign in at or login to your app and go to my rewards.

Um, hello! Where are my points?

Once our system registers your points, they appear in the My Rewards section of your account. Don’t see them yet? It can take 24-48 hours for points to process. If they’re still MIA after that time, please email us at and we should be able to sort things out for you. Just be sure to have your receipt handy.

Let’s talk redemption. How do I use a reward I’ve earned?

If you’re ordering ahead, you can apply a reward directly from your online ordering account or Così App upon checkout. If you’re redeeming in-store, you can pull up your account by entering your phone number at any point during checkout before you pay. Ta da! Your reward will be deducted from your total.

Can I choose when to redeem my rewards?

Sure can. Just be sure to use them before they expire.

How about catering orders? Do those earn points, too?

No, catering orders are not eligible for points.

Do Points & Rewards expire?

Yes. Your points and rewards will expire after 3 months – but don’t worry, we’ll notify you 14 days prior to expiration if you opt-in for communication.

Where can I earn points and redeem my rewards?

Almost anywhere – all locations in the US should be able to take them. As for other franchise or international locations, they’re not in the rewards system, but stay tuned.

How do I register my Così Card®?

Please click on the Così Card® page and choose “register your card.”

Can my Così Card® rewards be redeemed for an online order?

Sure can! You also earn points with every online order purchase directly through the Così app or online ordering. Treat yo’self.

Does Così® deliver? Will I earn points from Postmates, Ritual or Doordash?

The good news: You can order delivery through Postmates, Ritual, Uber Eats or DoorDash. The bad news: Since third party orders aren’t attributed to your account (they come to us as “Postmates/Ritual/DoorDash”), they’re not eligible to earn points.

Where can I buy gift cards?

eGift cards are available to purchase online by using this link HERE

Does Così® deliver? Can I call in my order ahead? Does Così® offer online ordering?

Many Così® locations offer delivery, call-ahead ordering, and online ordering. Please visit your local Così® location’s page or call your nearest Così® for more information.

Where can I find information on catering prices for my local Così® restaurant?

Please select a specific location to see that location’s catering prices. Our catering center ( and your nearest Così® location would also be happy to answer any questions you have.

How can I contact Così® Catering?

For inquiries regarding all things catering, please contact us:


Phone: 866-580-2674

I have food allergies. Where can I find more information on allergens in Così® food?

For information on a menu item, please visit our nutrition section. If you have further questions, please contact us through talk to us, choose “Our Menu," and send us a message.

I love your flatbread. Can I have the recipe?

Our bread is based on a two millennia-old recipe and is a closely guarded secret!

I have a question about my online store order. Who can I contact?

Our marketing team would be happy to assist you. Please click contact at the bottom of our page and submit your question.

Where can I buy Così Cards® in bulk? Do you offer a discount?

Bulk discounts and other incentives are decided on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and our marketing team would be happy to discuss options with you.

I have a product idea for Così®. Where can I submit it?

We appreciate ideas from our guests! Please understand that Così® is constantly developing new products and services to offer our guests and may already be working on an idea similar to yours. Submission of your idea is non-confidential, voluntary and constitutes your permission for Così® to pursue your idea with no compensation to you. To submit an idea, please click talk to us and choose “A New Idea."

Where can I find nutritional information for the Così® menu?

Please visit our nutrition section for complete information about our menu.

What does Così® mean? How do you pronounce “Così”?

Così (cō-see) fan Tutte roughly translates into English “that which we all do.”

Where does the name “Così®” come from?

Così® comes from the Mozart opera così fan Tutte, which was a favorite of our founder.

Where is the Così® corporate office located?

The Così® Support Center is located in Mountainside, NJ. Our mailing address is:
Così, Inc. (& its affiliates)
200 Sheffield Street, Suite 105
Mountainside, NJ 07092